Urban look 

Hi guys :D,

Today I am probably sharing my favourite outfit of the last period of time. During winter I just like the color brown, something you might have noticed while strolling through my Instagram account haha. Just really like how the colours in the outfit all come together as one look. A very urban cool look if you guys ask me!

Now let’s talk a little bit more about the outfit in detail.

Samsøe & Samsøe jacket by Zalando

First of all, because of the leather, the coat is extremely warm and comfortable even though it looks really thin. The details, like the zippers and buttons all over the jacket make it look extra look and so, to me, and so extra urban proof. There are multiple pockets of which one with zipper on the chest, another great detail. If you have a close look at the pictures you’ll notice the details in the zipper that starts at the bottom and continues all the way until the neck. Very cool!

Topman jeans

Very comfortabel jean with extra stretch. The color is really blue which makes it a perfect jean, how they should be. Because the jean isn’t too long it perfectly wearable with the Kiomi ankle boots, no scrunch needed.

Kiomi ankle boots by Zalando

I have to say that when I first saw the boots they were too shiny to me but when I tried them on they just looked awesome, especially with this outfit. The quality is really solid and they are very comfortable as well, even though they perhaps might not look so. I really like the orange details in the shoe because it gives the boot something extra and it matches perfectly with the brown shiny look of the boot itself. Same for the orange line between the bottom and the boot itself. Very well thought out. All these small details make that the outfit collides as a whole!

Vondel watch
For more information I would like to refer you guys to the blogpost about Watches from Amsterdam

Barts accesoires

This piece if Amsterdam based as well. They have so many affordable items in their shop. From basic scarfs and beanies to some really cool ones with prints. The quality is really solid and they go well with so many looks. Curious already? Go checkout their webshop or their store at the Utrechtsestraat in Amsterdam.


Samsøe & Samsøe jacket by Zalando | Shop here
Vondel watch | Shop here
Topman jean | Shop here
Kiomi boots by Zalando | Shop here
Barts accessoires scarf | Shop similar here

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