Blue winter look


Happy blue Sunday guys,

Even though I might be a real Dutchie and should be used to the relatively cold winters that we sometimes face, I am just not a winter person. Where most people wear a thick sweater, a coat and scarf, I wear at least 5 layers excluding the 2 scarfs on this look haha. So yes, you might say I am an ice-cold person. I must say though, I was wearing an awful lot of layers because I was shooting different outfits that day!

Next to brown, black, white and grey, blue is one of my favorite colours to use in a look! Simply for the reason that it matches a lot of colours and my eyes.

It might have been freezing during the shoot but boy, Amsterdam was so pretty! The outfit I put together really fits in todays temperature and as mentioned before, matching colours as well. Ofcourse warm and comfortable shoes are very important as well since you cannot wear multiple shoes as you can with tops for example. How I kept my feet warm? Go check out the link at the end of the post.

Enjoy your Sunday and keep warm people!


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