Red velvet look



Timberland boots
We all know the classic Timberland boots but for a while now they designed some really cool additional pieces that represent various cities across the world. This new addition to their scala of boots is even better if you ask me: the classic boot but in various (plane) palets. Looking at the outfit above, it is an amazing addition to the overal outfit. Personally I think that the upside to these new boots is that even though they have some significant colours, they don’t (necessarily) distract the attention of the rest of the outfit. They highlight the look as a whole! Really cool!

(they will be available in stores soon)

Gipsy leather jacket by Zalando
As a fan of more calming colours like white, black and grey, I must say I really really really love this leather jacket. The combination of the various red colours really put the outfit together as a coherent look. The details in the zipper are really cool! They made the zippers extra large to create a cooler and tougher look! Another upside is that the jacket adjusts to your body and makes it possible to actually move, something which is impossible in a lot of leather jackets.

Inez cashmere scarf

If you are looking for a comfortable, warm and large scarf, this is your scarf. They come in various colours and are (ridiculously) warm, which is a good thing by the way! It is another great addition to this look but goes with so many other outfits too. Check out the various models on their website!

Enjoy the shopping guys!


Gipsy leather jacket by Zalando with 20% off| Shop here
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Inez cashmere scarf | Shop here
Timberland boots (soon available) | Shop similar here
Rayban sunglasses | Shop here

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