Meet GC’s Sporty and Chic


This one is for the men that work hard and have a bigger budget for buying a cool men’s gadget. Lucky for me, I was able to take this watch out for a ‘test-drive’ and I have to say that I am quite surprised.



Well, normally I prefer lighter and smaller watches because I think my wrists are to small for ‘large’ and heavy watches. Having small wrists and wearing a large clock, enlarges the contrast between the clock and your wrist even more. With the GC Sport Chic collection however, they hit that spot on! A 43 diameter width clockwork makes it “Not too big and not too small and so, suitable for all wrists”

 The sporty bracelet and chic clockwork are perfectly intertwined. Both are silver toned coloured, are equipped with stainless steal materials and remains water resistant until 100 meters below sea-level so perfect for divers as well! What I really love about the watch is the amount of details they put into the clockwork! The logo, the background, and the blue coloured timer are just marvellous. This is what makes the watch so sophisticated and chic.


For more clockworks, bands and more specific information, I would like to refer you guys to their website which I added at the bottom of the review.

With prices starting at €699,- this watch is definitely one for the guys with a bigger budget, but I am happy I was able to take this one out for a test and review. If I would have had the budget for watches I definitely would like to have this one in my collection.

For some it might be too expensive (including me), but hey, if I review affordable watches I should also include the guys with a bigger budget right?

For the website visit GC Watches Men
For the same model visit GC Watch Model X72011G1S

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