Fresh, friendly & fit at Pluk

Next to fashion there is also the F for food!

Whether it is an early morning or late lunch, you have got to insert the right fuels to make it until the end of the day.
With being a city with such a wide variety of both healthy and unhealthy places, it is hard to choose, I know.

So, let me help you guys out! Whether you are on a citytrip or just looking for some cool hotspots in Amsterdam, I hopefully will be of much help!

Here’s PLUK

First of all, the location is very very important and in Pluk’s case a very positive point since it is located in the 9 streets area (city-centre). Very important for an in-between shop snack/lunch or a pre-work(out) breakfast! Once finished, you are just moments away from your next destination.

The entrance is very open and filled with vivid (healthy) foods and the ceiling is very high which makes the entire place look very welcoming. The wooden structures and bright use of colours makes it very peaceful and look around in their little shop! They have all sorts of equipment for your kitchen/home (have a look at their website).

Finally but certainly not the least, the food. This is ofcourse the most important part. Just when you thought you already seen all the colours you could imagine, wait for the food to arrive at the table! Don’t forget to give them your name during your order otherwise someone else might enjoy that acas bowl that you were craving for.

All dishes are made when ordered which makes you experience a little explosion during every single bite.
They literally make every single dish look like a peace of art and adds that something extra to that amazing taste! I know some people love very quick service and need their plate within one minute. Guys, just ease up and just wait for that very special plate to arrive at your table and you’ll know what I am talking about.


Go check it out!

Happy, healthy Pluk in Amsterdam

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