Never not comfortable rushing with Gant

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Overslept, faced with annoying traffic lights, a flat tire or last-minute flight boarding? We’ve all experienced at least one of these hiccups once in our life, often causing in rushing bike-rides and sweaty sprints at the station for example.

Are you, just like me, an experienced over-sleeper or an expert in rushing, resulting in uncomfortable sweaty sessions? You might want to check out Gant’s new Tech Prep shirts.


They designed a shirt especially for ‘professionals’ like you! Hard working, often rushed but dedicated man that every now and than oversleep or have to rush in between appointments. The shirt is designed with the key words; quick-dry, breathable and wicking in mind! Sounds like words that offer the solution to your daily issues doesn’t it?


The fact that rushing bike-rides and station sprints make us sweaty is an understatement, let alone the sweaty smell you’re faced with for the rest of the day.
Well, not anymore! Because of the microfiber polyester, the sweat during your bike-ride vaporises instead of absorbing the nasty smell into the fabric. Meaning you can rush all day long, without having to fear the horrible smell.


Another brilliant feature is the fabric that enables your shirt to breath. Something which is essential in some daily situations you face! It makes sure that both air and body heat can enter and exit to make sure that your shirt won’t become a body-sauna!

The sweaty substance you produce while cycling for your life is transported from your body to the surface of the shirt which gives a rather cooling effect to your body. Look at it as a personal airco to avoid a soaking wet body when entering the next meeting.
In short, this shirt is the perfect must-have for the modern professional that is an experienced rush but is so over the smelly and yellow armpits during working days!

Whether you have to stow a suitcase in the plane, rushing to work by bike or a sprint to catch your train, you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable! All you have to do is pull up your collar and nail that meeting!

Curious about the different styles and colours they come in, interested in more information or buy some, go check out their website Gant Tech Prep shirts !

(share your experiences on Instagram using the hashtag #nevernotcomfortable)

photography by Pieter de Gans

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