Summer weddings? Stand out from the crowd!


Hi Guys,

Because I was really humbled with the amount of questions I got regarding some styling tips or full looks for summer weddings, I decided to write a blogpost about some trends that are happening this summer. Also I added some nice suits with links to the webshop!

Often dress codes for weddings are quite formal but with temperatures running high, you might wanna consider your look even more! Obviously my advice would be to avoid black and very dark costumes since they attract sun and observe those high temperatures. I would consider it as a don’t (if the dress code alouds).

What I would recommend is to go for some soft palet colors like; soft pink, yellow, very light blue, crème or white! First of all these colors compliment your tan even more (if you have one, haha). Secondly they are very easy to combine with both white, black or printed shirts! And finally, they just make you look a little less formal and more fashionable than the classic black-tie costume.

Alright, enough talking. I selected some cool looks for you guys that I found online on GQ, Zalando, Suitsupply and Zara! Most of the pictures are provided with a link to the related webshops.

If you have any questions please reach out guys!
And remember, dress to impress.

Some tips and tricks for the perfect wedding look:

The GQ Dress Code guidebook
The GQ Blazers that go with everything!


Ciao guys.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-24 om 23.47.30





Shop here at Zalando (sale)


Shop here at Zalando



Havana Suitsupply


Schermafbeelding 2017-06-24 om 23.32.25Noose & Monkey Yellow suit by Zalando


wit geruit.jpgChecked White Zara suit

rozeSoft pink Zara suit

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