Sophistication from Parma

After returning home from a very interesting lunch in Brussels with a funny train ride it was finally time unwrap the goody bag from the event, containing the new fragrance.

The Italian craftsmanship and sophistication already starts with the wrapping as you can see. Funny detail is that the polaroids are actual backstage pictures from the campaign shoot for the ‘Colonia Pura’.

The Colonia Pura
To me, the scent is a true summer fragrance because the orange and lemon structure in combination with the spicy jasmin and parsley extracts. From beginning to end, the scent structure remains the same and doesn’t fade into a different smell. A perfect summer scent for warm summer days.

The man behind the fragrance is a sophisticated, modern and especially family man. A man that looks out for himself and the ones he loves.

Important side-note; even though the campaign evolves around a true family man, the scent is suitable for women as well (yes, this is backed-up by the product & innovation manager and the 2 female companions on the trip, haha!)






For more information and webshop check out the website of Acqua di Parma
Curious what the event looked like and what we got served? Check out the pictures below!

Special thanks to UPR Netherlands and UPR Belgium.

Have a great day guys.


Photography by me
Camera: Canon 1000D, Canon 50mm f1.8

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