The last one

Hi y’all

After a break for more than 2 months I am back on the planet (of blogging)!
I finally moved into my new house and I can finally tell you guys it is 100% finished.

Decorating a house is very important to me and I did not really feel like shooting and blogging at the time so I used this period for a small blog-break as well haha.

For those wondering why decorating took me this long? Stay posted for a interior blogpost where I will share some awesome items in the house.

Now back to fashion and my final summer look for this year.
Summer has been horrible, but a few week ago we were treated with some amazing days!
So for those people who still have faith in some summer days, please scroll down for the details and pictures!

PS: some items are almost sold out or have big sales due to summer endings, so check it out!

Ciao and see you soon!



Photography by @dutchgirlsontheblog

About the look

T-shirt – Topman by Zalando

Trousers – Topman by Zalando

Shoes – Kiomi by Zalando

Sunglasses – Rayban by Zalando

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