What about Yoga?

Now that the summer holidays have been long gone, days are getting shorter and shorter. As short days tend to have a negative influence on my energy level too, I am starting to realize that I need my workouts back on track again. Reason for not working out the last couple of months is that I suffered some shoulder, knee and elbow injuries.  The following months will be all about my recovery and getting back on track. A journey to follow on my blog.

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Because of these injuries I haven’t been feeling as well as usual. Not working out always makes me feel less energetic and healthy in some way. I decided to stop working out because I wasn’t able to perform a single exercise without feeling a horrible pain at any of these points. When asking for help, trainers advised me to take it down a notch and work on recovery exercises. But as you all might know that if you visit the gym you want to give it a full 200%, which funny enough, was the exact reason for my injuries. Repeatedly performing heavy exercises without much variation resulted in the unimaginable pain in some muscles. I didn’t realize that after pushing your body to its limits, it is essential to relax as well. Never did I participated in yoga, enjoyed a sauna or performed stretch exercises. Not taking part in these activities and pushing my body over its limits, resulted in the ‘gym-break’.


Back on track

Even with injuries it is vital to stay healthy and fit. The challenge however lies in the recovery journey after these injuries; where and how to start? You can imagine that starting were you left off, might not be the brightest idea. I knew this but did not really have a good alternative either so I just kept postponing my ‘fitness-comeback’. The fitness trainers at Sportcity provided me with a perfect recovery-program to get back on track in the right pace. Curious about the level of the program and the exact exercises? Stay tuned the next coming months.


Body & Mind balance

Like I mentioned, the balance between effort and relaxation is important in many ways. By dedicating the entire month of October to Body & Mind, Sportcity is emphasizes on the importance of this balance. Besides yoga it implicates relaxation of the body & mind in general. Examples of this is stretching exercises, a sauna session or just like I mentioned, a yoga-class.

Since a few weeks now I have been busy exploring this new way of working out and I even tried my first yoga-class, which enlightened me.
At first I was quite nervous and excited at the same time since I did not really know what too expect and whether I would be able to execute all the positions. But once we got started and focused on clearing my head and my breathing, I immediately felt like everything around me faded. Even though yoga can be quite intense at times in various positions it is very calming and gratifying.


To experience what I experienced, Sportcity offers you a free day-pass and invites you to participate in a yoga-class, take a sauna session or just go for a workout.


The offer is only valid until the 31st of October at all Sportcity locations.
Check www.sportcity.nl/dagpas for more information

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