Why wait?

New Year – more postponing
New year new me or new year new beginnings is something you are all familiar with – as a new is a good excuse to come up with new goals.
Personally, I never had much with these statements as I don’t postpone goals to a new year when I come to think of them in, lets say, July.

Don’t you, when you think about something you want to achieve, want to start working on it right away? Well, I do! If you need to get ripped for summer – you don’t wait untill after the summer right?
I know this rather is a specific goal but we all know, when you keep postponing, you often don’t start working on them to begin with. If you keep on waiting for every new year to arrive, in order for you to start working on your goal – you should ask yourself whether you really want to achieve your goal?

Personal achievements and goals

As an opponent of ‘new year new me’ resolutions, and my goal of the year ‘getting back on track’ – I started working on it right away. Also because I think you start working on achieving your goals right away, as the achievement of most goals takes time.

Being fit, both mentally and physique, is one of my most important life standards. Struggling with injuries for the last one and a half years has therefore been quite a painful period. As soon as felt comfortable enough to start again, I did so. You could almost say that without being fit, I don’t really feel “complete”.

A fresh (re)start
As recovering from injuries, it is quite important to be careful when getting back to the gym. It is essential to get the right help with the proper executing of exercises and setting up workouts – something that I had help with from SportCity. At first, we looked at sensitive spots (elbows, shoulders and knees) to figure out which areas to avoid in the first weeks. Getting back on track means that you have to ‘rehabilitate’ your entire body – and familiarize your body with working out in the first place. Focusing on the modern equipment, like machines, is important here. Why? Because by doing so, your body is not exposed to a great deal of heavy lifting but more focusing on the movements – as such, you should therefore not add to much weight as well.

Exercise examples
Some exercises that I perform at the moment are (machine) leg-extensions, leg-press, lat pull-down, rear delt-row and chest press. Next to this it is also key to start working on a solid and strong core – how? Start using battle ropes or use the balance-ball or start with leg-raises!

Bare in mind – low weight, high reps. Your body needs to get used to working out and specific exercises so add a little big of weight and perform 12 to 15 reps per set.
If you start lifting where you left off, you soon will be home again, stuck on the couch – rather sooner than later.
Long story short: don’t wait striving to achieve your goals until the next year – but take the right steps to do so. Patience never killed someone!

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