Warm, comfy, sustainable AND trendy

Yes Dutchies, we all know them somehow; “de geitenwollen sok”.

We all used to wear them back in the days – whether we liked them or not, they were just there as part of our lives. That being sustainable and green is a widespread phenomenon  nowadays – is one of the reasons why these guys returned.

Van de Bron
VanDeBron decided that it is time to re-introduce our ‘dusty’ old friend to get rid of this image. How? Continue reading…

These guys think that you as a customer should decide where your ‘energy’ comes from – a ‘source’ that makes you happy. To emphasize their focus on sustainability and stimulate us to save in heating-costs you’ll receive a pair of these “geiten wollen sokken”. You might wonder – what to do with these palls?

Turn them into shoes
Friday 15th and Saturday 16th of December from 10 am to 5 pm
Prinsengracht 715 – Amsterdam
What to bring:
a pair of old shoes
who doesn’t want a pair of sustainable, comfy AND trendy shoes by designer Luc Aarts?

Interested? Make sure you get your ‘geitenwollensokken’ sneakers – and drop by

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