Beating Blue Monday’s

For most of us, New Year comes with New Year resolutions. Only thing is that realizing them is a whole different thing. From experience, I can tell you that after the first two weeks, Blue Monday is definitely kicking in. At times like this I just think: what am I doing and what’s the point really?

Blue Monday

Whether I am still at home or on my way to SportCity I wonder myself; what am I doing this for. While wondering I just try to think of all excuses, not having to go workout; too busy, want to watch TV, not being in the mood. You’ll probably even forget what the advantages of working out are. Issues at the home front often cause a lack in motivation too. It is not always in your hands but we all have times where we just don’t feel like doing much.

Mental and Psychical progress

The answer to ‘what’s the point’ is rather simple; it is very very good for your mental and psychical state. I mean, who doesn’t want to take their thoughts of everything in the world for a while? Whether it is work, your private-life, working out is like a little getaway from life, while getting fit! Seriously, I cannot think of anything else with these probs.

It is all about getting to the SportCity – once on the treadmill everything is all well – you might even feel very motivated. With this motivation I always tell myself to keep going and it feels great!

After all, don’t we all just like a little peak in the mirror after an intense workout? Even tough we know there’s no difference at all – it just makes you feel good.

Where did my motivation go?

While the need to peek in the mirror sounds familiar, you probably wonder; to get this feeling I should really get of my comfy couch first.

Like I said I started to ‘suffer’ from this feeling after my first two weeks in the New Year. I am easily pleased with the results and stop seeing the necessity of it all. Why? No clue but I recon it has something to do with the weather and getting used to the working rhythm after the holidays.

Well, no more. I found a ‘cure’ for these excuses.

From the sofa to SportCity
I know, this might sound rather obvious but this is, since recently, a fixed ritual of mine to ‘mentally’ prepare myself and find my motivation.

Working out on an empty stomach is like wine without alcohol, it just doesn’t make sense to me! As I am rather a chaotic person, planning wise, I often am in a rush and stuff something in my mouth whilst cycling to Sportcity. This disabled me to get into the mood and get motivated.

Recently I started planning my time more effectively and really forced myself to make time for a pre-workout snack. I get into my workout gear, take a cup of coffee and oats with fruit, sit down on the sofa and listening to some relaxing yet motivating music. Listening to this music enables me to ‘zone-out’ from the world around me and find the motivation I need to workout.

It might sound a bit odd but I promise this is a ‘recipe’ for success. When zoned-out you also eliminate negative thoughts and excuses you might think of! If you just take your time, working out becomes part of a lifestyle instead of an activity.

You don’t need resolutions – as long as you realize that getting used to the lifestyle, that involves working out, takes time. Sit down, relax, have some food and you’ll notice soon enough that everything goes accordingly.




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