The Month of Energy


Looking outside, it might seem far, far, far away but seriously, spring is peeking from around the corner. Meaning, the darkest two months of the year are signed, sealed and delivered. Being the closing chapter of winter and opening chapter of spring, March really is the perfect month for a change in your daily life.

Exactly the reason why March is one of my favourite months of the year; the days are getting longer and so is the will to go out and do things. You too?

One of these ‘things’ is to get up and workout. After the first dark months, which can be quite challenging at times, the body is longing for an energy boost!


Timing is everything
Yes, timing is everything and in this situation, perfect! I mean, the month March, which is the start of spring and longer days and the need for the body for a new energy boost; isn’t that perfect timing?

After the first two months, the body needs a boost to make sure the body is challenged and is required to adapt and change. Not working out yet but want to? Wait no longer, because as I said, March (should) give you a natural boost already and therefore more easy to start working out.


Changing routines
No matter how hard you sometimes want to change things, old habits die hard, just admit it. Whether you just started working out or have been for the last few months, your sport-routines need a change every now and than. To then actually change routines creates a big pitfall; injuries, yes injuries. Being motivated and forcing your body does not always, actually barely anytime, work.

I know, these longer days might give you an energy boost but please, don’t overdo it and try to impress fellow gym-members. It will bite you in the ass, speaking from experience.

Luckily I have been under great care of my SportCity physiotherapist for the last few weeks, enabling me to hit the ‘gym floor’ again. But please, be careful and ask for help if you are uncertain on how to proceed with changing routines. For those who are about too or just started, I know, sometimes starting can be just as hard. Realising your goals, whether this is a ripped sixpack or impressive shoulders, a good start is crucial. Let me tell you, the new ‘Get Started’ program, offered by SportCity is a perfect tool to get you started and going. It is your personalised plan to get you in the routine that suits you, just you!

As unpredictable the Dutch weather is, and yes, it might be a premature after ice-skating on the Amsterdam canals, but those warm spring-nights could arrive earlier than expected. We all know, as soon as those days arrive, the gym might have to share its time with socialising in the terrace or the park. I completely understand and can relate as I feel exactly the same but I wouldn’t be Jurjen if I would not share my medicine for this predicament. Don’t just change your workout routine in March but also change the time of your workout. To avoid finding yourself between a rock and a hard place on those warm summer nights, start working out before you head to work. An early morning workout creates an energy-boost that lasts the entire (working)day and enables you to enjoy those ice-cold drinks on a warm spring or summer evening.

Long story short, whether you just started or are about to start, March as the ‘switch’ the perfect moment for a boost in your daily routines!


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