Bali Brunch in Amsterdam


Hi Guys,

As you all might know I am a huge food lover – whether it is healthy, unhealthy, savoury or sweet – I am in!

Last Sunday me and my friend Rosanna (@dutchgirlsontheblog) were invited for a Bali Brunch in Mama Makan. Man, how perfect is this timing? Right before my trip to the gorgeous island in June.

Time to dive into the Bali cuisine!

Mama Makan is hosting a Bali Brunch on Sundays (prices starting at 35,- euro’s). With this you get to enjoy a journey through Bali! From start to end and from Denpasar to Lovina.

Starting with a gorgeous salad bar where you can enjoy freshly made salads, soups and a whole variety of fresh vegetables. And yes, all in Bali style!

After this ‘starter’ you get to pick a hot dish from the menu. We were lucky to taste a wide variety of curries. All stunning! Because we had been looking at the dessert buffet already – we ‘failed’ to finish all food, as we wanted to leave room for the final, if not best, course haha!

Same as with the salad bar, the dessert bar is just as impressive! Gorgeous looking dishes, small pies and big pies and of course a whole lot of fresh fruit.

All in all, the freshness of the products, the friendliness of the staff, the interior and atmosphere is money well spent for just 35,-.

So, if you are looking for a new spot for your Indonesian cuisine, look no further!

Find out more at Hyatt Regency Amsterdam and Mama Makan

Happy eating,


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