Quirky and Fun Advice at Eyewish!

Photography by Andre Haasnoot, with Canon EOS 6 Mark l & Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8

Hi Guys,

As you all know I have been wearing glasses for about 1,5 years now and likeminded people know; every once in a while you need some new glasses!

To be fair, finding the right design and colouring of both the frame and glasses can be quite challenging.

Why? As people often don’t know (including myself) how much a right or wrong fit can impact both your face and appearance. I know, it might sound rather dull yet Eyewish made this an informative and fun learning session!

Now – let’s get to that fun bit!

My personal stylist Saskia, sat down with me and discussed the first key points; the shape of the face and color tints that would fit best based on your hair and skin color. With my rather round shape, I was advised to avoid square designs and rather check the more circular models. To ‘spice’ up my face a little, rather than flatten it, we decided a cool coloured frame would suit me best – based on a golden and silver ‘bib’!

Next we tried some designs that both would be a very good and not so good fit! Expecting a serious styling session, this was really interactive and funny as we tried quite some quirky designs haha. Where I needed a rather circular and cool coloured frame color for my regular glasses, sunglasses are supposed to be a little extraordinary and flashy!

No problem there! haha. I however quickly found out that with my facial ‘design’ (lol) this did not really work and actually went for, surprisingly, a totally different design and colouring – totally opposite of the regular glasses.

After about 45 minutes we finally made a decision and to be honest I can’t wait to show you guys the result as it is quite surprising, especially looking at my current design!

All in all it was a very interactive, fun and informative session – and for FREE!
Saskia really took the time explaining and showed both suitable and not so suitable designs haha!

So guys, are you deciding on new glasses – please make sure you make use of the (free!) styling sessions at the Eyewish locations! For more information and appointments check their website.

Oh and keep a close EYE for my new glasses!

Big wink,


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