CityGuide Gem Of The East

Hi Guys,

As if my photo diary wasn’t enough already – I have decided to treat you with a concise city guide as well.

Hong-Kong has surprised me in so many ways – not just as being a very vibrant city but also its ability to contradict all the things I have heard about it.
To be fair, a lot of people told me that the city is dirty and expensive; well, believe me, it is not!

The streets clean af (something Amsterdam could use) and prices are no more than the ones you see in Amsterdam – if not cheaper. Add the killer skyline, its nature, history and climate and you’ll really hit a gem!

Enough about the intro – lets get cracking with tips, tricks and obviously, pictures.

Things to see

Nan-Lian Garden

A sanctuary in this concrete jungle. Honestly, this must be one of the prettiest parks I have ever seen – seriously, leave gardening to Asian people. These garden are so well maintenance that you should be scared walking there. Ofcourse, as being a bloody tourist we went in taking pictures and were actually screamed at for sitting on a rock! With its iconic golden temple in its centre, Nan-Lian Garden is another recommendation.

Rainbow Building

Close to Nan-Lian Garden is another hotspot – the Rainbow Building, probably the most photographed building. Disagree? Try Hong-Kong in explore on Instagram and you’ll see I am right (what else is new). On a serious note, the colours of the buildings are soo cool – especially in combination with the colourful basketbal fields (see the picture below). You can easily hang around the property for an hour (that is what we did, haha!)

The Skyline from Kowloon Island

After a long day of sightseeing and walking on Hong-Kong Island, take the ferry or tube to Kowloon island to enjoy the lightshow that takes place every evening at 8 pm. Looking at the skyline with its nuon lights really takes your breath away and enables you to take everything in! Oh, and it is for free.


The most amazing place of the city if you ask me – if you’ve seen the typical Asian movies with the flashy advertising boards with nuon lights – this is the area too be. There is ‘interesting’ street food on every corner. But lets not forget ‘sneaker street’, the goldfish market, flower market and the food corners. I absolutely loved it.

Yick Cheong Building

An impressive piece of architecture outside the city centre and probably one of the most photographed buildings in town. The colours, the architecture and the nearby modern skyscraper really put things in perspective. If you love architecture, this is the place to go!

Lantau Island

A sanctuary in the Hong-Kong area. As Hong-Kong is spread over numerous islands, Lantau Island is probably the most relaxing one – close to the airport, it is home to one of the most beautiful temples I have ever seen, the big buddha statue and great beaches. If you are visiting for a few days and need a chill-pill – Lantau is your pill to take!

Man Mo Temple

The oldest temple in Hong-Kong should definitely be on your list to do. It is situated between sky scraping buildings – be prepared for a wall of scent though! Upside of the huge amount of scent here is the scenery it creates, aka photography heaven. With the sun shining through, the light is truly amazing!

Things to do

Hiking on Victoria Peak

Take my word for it and avoid the touristic panoramic view. If you stand in front of the massive building, turn left and enter the hiking path that will take you to a breathtaking view over Hong-Kong, and note – all by yourself. You can stand here for hours, taking pictures, have a drink or just do nothing and relax.

Take the old tram

You will think you are in London – but seriously, with a tropical touch. A very nice way of exploring Hong-Kong island in a traditional way. I haven’t done this as I preferred walking and had too many spots to visit! It will take you from Causeway Bay to Sheun Wang’s traditional market.

Find the hidden spots

Before visiting Hong-Kong I can definitely recommend you doing some research – especially if you are looking for those hidden gems, suitable for photography. Something I definitely did and took me to the most amazing places. Think of cool structures, cute parks and amazing views.

Take the ferry

You cannot leave Hong-Kong without trying the traditional ferry – taking you from Hong-Kong island to Kowloon island. It is an amazing way of checking out the city’s impressive skyline and get a feel of how people used to commute between the two islands hundreds of years ago.


As I love the Asian kitchen, Hong-Kong was truly a #foodporn heaven. Here are some spots you should visit:

Dim Dim Sum

This amazing little gem is definitely my favourite place in town – the food is great and so is the service but don’t expect much from the interior as it is all about the food! the best place in town if you ask me! Oh, and if you are dying for food – it is extremely quick!

Little Bao

If you plan on doing a food tour while visiting, please make sure to add Little Bao to that list – it might be overpriced (40 euro’s for 3 baos and lemonade) but trust me if I tell you that they are the best I ever had!

Langham Place Shopping Mall

Looking for the most instagrammable food in town? Visit this place. They have amazing buns in the shape of little hearts and clouds filled with an amazing filling! The food is colourful, the service is great (something with is quite exceptional in HK) and the interior is stunning. Bare in mind if you are planning to do a full-out photoshoot – it is a very crowded place!

All in all Hong-Kong is definitely a city I would love to return to, it has so many different things to offer; beaches, skyscrapers, nature, food and a hectic city life!

If you have any questions, suggestions or things I missed please let me know.

Hope you’ll enjoy the read and pictures!



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