AW’18 Here’s What You Should Know And Wear!

Hi guys,

As fashion changes fast and, sorry, men are not always up to date on the latest trends, I thought I might help you guys a hand and share some trends for the upcoming (and my favorite) season!

Scroll down, read and see and yes, get inspired!

  1. It is all about the 90’s
  2. 1 | It's all about the Nineties
    From oversized and fugly sneakers, shell suits, bucket hats and tracksuits, the 90s trend is hitting its stride for AW’18.
  3. Layer up in leather

    2 | Layer-up in leather (and lots of it)
  4. Seriously following each fashion-trend? You better like the Matrix then – there was quite a distinctive leather vibe in this seaons fashionweeks. Ultralong and oversized leather coats are everywhere!
  5. Investing in a shearling

    3 | Invest in a shearling
  6. My favorite and logical trend – a high quality sherling will last you a lifetime and keeps you warm during freezing winters. For those of you who cannot afford (including myself) a nice Fendi or Armani shearling – Zara/H&M did not dissapoint!
  7. Go hiking?

    4 | Go hiking
  8. The bigger the better and quite frankly – I don’t really mind. To be honest, it is a trend that I’ve seen across the gram for quite a while already but totally digging it. Although uncertain it might suit me – I love it! You might not fancy hiking but obviously you’re getting the point.
  9. Hiking boots by Gucci
  10. Go get yourself a weather cheater

    5 | Get yourself a wind cheater, stat
  11. This technical outerwear is not abating anytime soon – although I must admit, I am not a huge fan of this trend. Whether it are oversized puffer jackets, ultra-long down-filled jackets, nylon or hardwearing velrco – it is a trend that just keeps on going!
  12. My favorite, you should definately be wearing UPS brown in town

    6 | You should definitely be wearing brown in town
  13. As all might know & if you don’t you better get your facts straight, I LOVE CAMEL/BROWN! You can therefore understand my excitement about this trend. Brown is the shade of season, THANK GOD. You might think UPS and scouting outfits are dull – no, it’s called fashion honey.
  14. It’s all about checks – become a woodpecker

    7 | It's all about checks
  15. And the more the better – clashing? Even better! Versace might have led the charge, others are definately following! from oversized coats, shoes, jackets, vests and shirts – the more the better!
  16. Head to rodeo
  17. 8 | Head to the rodeoIt might not completely be my style but it has been going on for a while know and it does not seem to stop! Cowboy boots, hats, bottoms and tops, get fully dressed and ready fo a rodeo!

So, I think these are quite a few trends, some of which you might agree or disagree with but I am quite confident there is at least one you would wear! And no, I ain’t sharing my preference as I think it is quite obvious…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed watching and reading this piece as I would like to share more in the future. What do you think? Let me know!



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