Best of Bali – Ubud

Hi guys,

It might have taken some time but hereby my list to do, see, eat and stay in the Ubud area! Oh, and if you feel I have missed on our numerous tips and tricks – please let me know!

Scroll down and enjoy,

♦ Things to see

A million waterfalls
Please do yourself a favor and make a list of the waterfalls you want to visit as there are too many and it, excuse my french, shows you how stupid tourists are! Out of all waterfalls, at around 9 out of 10, have hardly tourists, as they all go to one in particular (Tegenungan Waterfall). This also was my least favorite one – after visited all the other amazing ones. Just as a tip – please make sure to visit:

  1.  The Tibumana Waterfall
  2.  Kanto Lampo Waterfall
  3.  Tukad Cepung Waterfall (in the early morning on a sunny day & about an hour drive by scooter)
  4.  Bhuana Sari Waterfall
  5.  Banyumala Twin Waterfall

On a side-note, the by far most beautiful waterfall of Bali is the Sekumpull Waterfall, situated in the north of Bali (see the picture)

Tegelalang Ricefields
No need to tell you anything about this as you must have been living underneath a rock to not know. Just two tips:
– Wake up early (pre-sunrise) to avoid the entrance fee (10.000 Rupia) and have the ricefields all to yourself and catch the gorgeous light.
– There is a ‘secret’ area, yes, that one you always stumble on Instagram. Facing the ricefields from the road, you need to cross the ricefields to enter a small path that will take you to another area! (see my pictures)

Jatiluwih Ricefields
Not necessarly around the corner (about an hour drive from ubud by scooter) but most definately worth a visit! We drove up there on our way to Lovina and again, woke up before dawn to enjoy our breakfast and sunrise there. Again, empty ricefields and catching the locals working with a breakfast while sunrise was a very rewarding start of the day!

Pura Gunung Kawi

A stunning, Petra look-a-like temple complex, hidden in a green valley in Ubud. Truly worthwhile a visit to explore the temple and wander through the gorgeous ricefields, situated alongside the complex.

♦ Things to do

Rent a scooter
Please believe me saying this – do not take a taxi or a private driver to drive you around! Simply because it is freaking cheap ($5,- a day) and you really get to explore Bali on the traditional way, it will get you on places where drivers won’t take you and the ability to stop wherever you want.

Visit Karsa Spa
Now, for those of you who love a spa but don’t have an endless money-pocket (like me) – you’d definately should visit this amazing sanctuarry! The hospitality, location and ofcourse the massages are brilliant & extremely affordable! We spent our entire morning here with a full body massage and flower bath. Including 3 local scrubs I think we only paid 35 euro’s.

Bath at Tirta Empul
I know, I know – too touristy you might think. Not when you, just like us, wake up before dawn (that’s right, around 6 am). This is basically the only and simultaneously the best way to avoid tourists across Bali and surroundings! The bath was a magical experience to do – especially because there were hardly any people there.

♦ Places to eat

The Sayan House
Definately worth a visit! Best service, food and location for sure. You get to eat ‘outside’ with a stunning valley view while the sun sets – make sure you book a table around 5 pm for you to witness the sunset. They have great food and although it might be a bit expensive (considering bali prices) we sure as hell had the best food for just 80 euro’s.

Seriously an amazing place for the most healthy, colorful and ofcourse Instagram worthy food! There is a wide variety of food and beverages plus a brilliant location to hang out and/or work from! With its location just outside the hectic Ubud center it just around the corner from all the major highlights.

Sari Organik
An amazing place in the middle of the ricefields and yes, everything is organic. Remember my comment about a scooter? You’d better – cause this is one of these locations where you can only get either by foot (what you do not want to do) or scooter! Anyway – amazing organic foods in a relaxing setting and amazing views overlooking the ricefields and mountains in the distance.

♦ Places to stay

Hati Padi Cottages
During our 3 night stay in Ubud we only stayed at one accomodation but knowing the beauty, senerity, service and quality of food in front – we might as well stayed here for 3 weeks. Seriously, I have no negatives here! The location is breathtaking and remote and both service and food are excquisity. Oh, and don’t get me started on prices! We had a room (with ricefield view) for just 14.5 euro’s pp and a private cottage for 21 euro’s pp.
For rates and more visit their Airbnb profile.

Jungle Fish
For those who like a little luxury and a lively environment – you should check out this place! I must say – I was rather dissapointed by the overal experience (we just visited for an afternoon) but the property itself looks quite impressive and sure as hell beautiful!
For rates and more visit their website.

Amora Ubud Boutique Villas
The place we will be staying next time visiting Bali – extremely cute and the design is amazing! Honestly, compared to Hati Padi Cottages, rather expensive – especially considering my love for that place haha! Here is your luxury option
For rates and more visit their website.


Oh, to close it all off I would like to let you guys know – I most definitely will be back! SOON



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