Your Footgear This Autumn


img_0454.jpgHi guys,

As I have recently shared a blogpost with all fashion trends for the upcoming season (my favorite season) I thought it might be a good idea to share some footwear trends too! So, what are these trends?

  1. Less ‘ugly’ more chunky sneakers!
    I don’t have to tell you about people walking around in the most ‘ridiculous’ sneakers this summer. Chuncky and crazy colored – now I don’t mind the chunky stuff, actually, I quite love it – but the crazy colored ones was a bit too much if you ask me. And yes – what’s done is done – because this autumn it is all about less and more: more chunky and less ugly. Basically meaning, less flashy colors & more cohesive autumn colors (camel/palet etc). A trend to life by if you ask me! Cannot wait to buy all these chunky sneakers.
  2. Big walking boots!
    Now, you might think this does not really fits in the Dutch flatness but seriously – you guys couldn’t be more wrong; it actually is! Trust me, the bigger the better. I don’t know if you all remember the big Timberland boots? I hope you do and didn’t chuck them yet because they are back! Matching it with a denim or even smart pants – a oversized sweater or turtleneck and you are good to go! Perfect alternatives are for example, and which I live by, Dr. Martens – and remember, the bigger the better. Ready? Shop more than 200 boots here, at Nelson.
  3. Chunky soles!
    A trend perfectly fitting into the earlier two trends – what better way to wear a chunky sneaker or walking boot with a chunky sole? Seriously, this is a trend that has been going for quite some time in the female footwear but we are finally making up the time.
  4. Leather boots!
    Next to the hiking boots, the leather boots are not coming back but remaining – and yes, another trend I am quite stoked with. Why? Simple – I get to wear my Dr. Martens throughout this season too. Leather boots make your look definitely more edgy – whether you are wearing a denim jean with a t-shirt or rocking an office look with smart pants and a turtle sweater, a leather boot spices it all up. On another note – it is simply a boot matching all outfits in every season! Yes, you can even wear a leather boot in summer, wearing shorts. Trust me & try it!
  5.  Traditional white!
    Now, another ‘trend’ that keeps on scratching the surface is the traditional white sneaker. To be deadly honest I don’t think this one will every go and therefore only will have to tell you guys – keep on buying them! I provided a link for you guys as Nelson has plenty of them. You can seriously never have enough white sneakers as we all know how easy it is to crack them up! haha.

For all your dilemma’s Nelson offers many solutions! Have a look at their website and shop hundreds of different models

In collaboration with Nelson Schoenen.




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