Happy Eyes

We can all talk looks as much as we like but if the eyes aren’t happy – how will fashion make us happy?

Well, because of this rather crucial statement I partnered up with Eyewish, and I must say that my eyes, seriously, have not been happier before!

I know I have been wearing glasses for quite some time now – but seriously, it is not all in the glasses. At Eyewish, that crucial service part is something you do not want miss out on! Why? Well, most importantly, they discovered that my previous glasses did not had the right optics – simply because the measurements were not correct. 

Additionally, the assistance in coloring was brilliant. They really showed me what my colors are and which are not. Funny fact – I used to wear a warm tone in the frame, but we figured out that a cool tint works way better!

Again, something you really do not want to miss out on. 

If you however, bump into any issues after your purchase – you can always, and I mean always, come by and sort the issue out. Whether it is a broken frame, need some cleaning or simply have questions – you are always more than welcome to drop by. 

My tip: try the polarized glasses that they offer – it is an additional investment but worthwhile. It really gives that calming tone and additional layer on very bright sunny days.

Overall – I am very happy, not just with the glasses but even so about the service. The whole coloring advice was both very useful and fun to do. So, guys (and girls) if you are in the need for any glasses in the nearby future – look no further. Eyewish is yours!

Shop the Eyewish glasses

Specs – Tom Ford

Sunglasses – Rayban

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