Another day, another blogpost and this time about one of the highlights of my trip to Israel and Jordan. Although we only stayed in Jordan for one night – it most probably gave me the most ‘chills’ in a very good way! Not just the nature and culture – but the people as well. They were extremely hospitable!

I must say, our Airbnb made it beyond magical. So hospitable, and supportive throughout our stay – and helping us in arranging sight seeing. We stayed with locals, in an ancient cave in Petra, where families have lived for hundreds of years. Got to shoot the Milky Way, get up early to see the sunrise and a big plus; were the first people inside of Petra!  So, if you ever decide to visit Petra, please stay with Tine & Yasser!

After the oh so magical stay in Petra, we headed to Wadi Rum – and oh, if you’ve seen Star Wars and The Martian, you will know what I am talking about. Nice side story, whilst visiting, a new Star Wars movie was being recorded ;).
Anyway, if in Jordan, go and visit Wadi Rum for a jeep safari (preferably to see sunset, around 5 pm). We left at 3 pm for some nice daylight and see the sun set at about 4.45 pm. The scenery is amazing, so freaking impressive. Not your typical dessert but with magnificent rocks (nearly mountains) pop up. Let me please stop talking and let you enjoy the pictures below!.

On a closing note – all of the above was easily arranged with the help of our hosts. From border pick up to the stay, the wadi rum safari and border drop-off. They have been extremely helpful and made in a once in a lifetime experience. 

Petra, Jordan

Wadi Rum, Jordan

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