Photography by Pieter de Gans \ Canon EOS 6D Mark 1 \ EF 24-70 mm f2.8

Home is were the Dr Martens are!

Another month, another shoe!

This month about my favorite boot of all times! Not just because they are black but because of their incredible fit, the time they last and in how many different sizes and shapes they come!

Ever since I laid my eyes on these boots – my closet has only been expanded with one pair at least once a year, up to 5 pair at this moment! 

The boots are the perfect fit for this type of stormy autumn weather with loads of rain and rough winds. They are comfortable, keep you dry and most importantly warm! 

They go with every look – from casual to street and urban chique to relax-looks. Dr Martens always gives that edgy finishing touch to each and every look. Nelson has a wide variety of Dr Martens – making it possible to dressed for different occassions. Go for that lower shoe for a more casual chique office look, a comfy, easy and classy Chelsea boot for the comfy look and your classic boot for, well, basically, any look! 

To sum it all up; Dr Martens is your way to go if you are looking for that cool, rough, industrial yet edgy boot to kill (read killing!!!!) the look! And on a side note – they last for a lifetime!

Go ahead and check out the different models now!

Cheers guys!

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