The Christmas ship might have sailed, but that does not mean festivities are over! With NYE we, or at least, I like to dress accordingly. A lot of people start to stress out about their outfits as most consider it not just a time to meet, relax and enjoy – but to shine additionally!

Personally, I prefer just to go with the flow. With that I mean my mood. Do I feel festive, chique, casual or a combination of multiple.

Depending on the mood, I dress accordingly. Feeling chique? Dress up and do not hold back in both outfit and footwear. Feeling festive? Overdress to impress. Try to spice it up and think outside of the box to stand out from the crowd – in this case, probably family.

Honestly, I prefer a combination of multiple feelings/styles. This year, as most previous years – I am going for my favourite look; casual chique. Specifically a casual shoe with a chique look.

To top it all off – I am going for a sneaker that has best of both worlds. A black sneaker is both classy and casual. Sneakers are timeless and are always a go I you ask me. Looking for that more chique sneaker? Try to go for a classic colour. To me that would be black in this case but honestly Nelson has a great variety of classy sneakers.

Looking for more traditional yet chique footwear? No worries – Nelson is your way to go!

But please remember, you dress you, not anyone else!

I hope you guys enjoy NYE, closing the festive holidays of the Year!

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