Photography by Pieter de Gans | Canon EOS 6D Mark 1 | Canon EOS 35 mm f1.4

In collaboration with Nelson

Coat by H&M – Shop Similar
Sweater by H&M – Shop Similar
Jeans by Scotch & Soda – Shop Here
Sneakers by Nelson – Nike

Although a lot of people consider sneakers to be different to sport-sneakers, as they tend to struggle more combining sport-sneakers with a look than they to with a ‘regular’ sneaker look! Well, I think they are, in 99% of the case, not. To me, they are alike and just apply the same styling ‘rules.

If you however struggle with this, I am just gonna walk you trough a simple yet handy tip for styling. If you look closely I probably do not even have to explain. As you can tell from the pictures, these Nikes were too cool not to choose! I always like to feature different colours in one look. If there is one particular vibrant colour, blue in this case, I make sure the colour is featured in another item in the same look! This can be a sweater, jacket, jeans or duffle bag.

And yes, I get it, walking in sport-sneakers is sometimes so much more convenient and comfortable than other sneakers but that does not mean it has to be difficult to style your look accordingly – if you of course, feel like it! With the wide variety in sport-sneakers at Nelson, featuring a magnitude of colours – there must be a item in your wardrobe you are able to mix with!

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