In light of my coming home tour I thought it would be nice to share some interior inspiration. I just love browsing through Pinterest in the search of the right elements for our little condo. And honestly, whether you guys like it or not (haha) – I am thinking of sharing an inspirational interior blogpost each month!

Why? Well, there is just too much out there to write about. I do not want to spend these posts writing but mostly inspiring. Also, I would love to get your feedback on any particular topics for these posts – although I was thinking about coloured themes each month, starting off with grey!

Grey is such a freaking amazing colour. It matches with nearly all colours, it exhales tranquility, it is modern, clean and relaxing! The more reason to start off with this amazing colour.


Grey is one of the best colours to style or mix your bedroom with. It is such a calm colour – which will benefit your sleep for sure. Whether it is the entire room, the cushions, pictures, sheets or lights – you don’t have to stress about matching colours as grey matches with them all anyway. Grey sheets? Try to add some black, white and mustard yellow cushions! This is just one suggestion but you can try with a truckload of colours.


I could basically copy paste the bedroom story here too. Grey in your living room is like black and white, it simply never gets old – it goes with seriously every color, it breaths relaxation, it is edgy, classic yet modern! In short, it has everything you need.


Source: Pinterest

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