Another month, another post and another colour. This time, another of my favourite colours (seriously, I think all colours are my favourite lol!).
No seriously, I you love a plain base (such as white) – brown is your go to colour to (gently) spice things up! Whether it is a side table, sofa, cushions, curtains, paints, decorations or a chair – it will always, yes always, work!


Just by looking at these pictures I feel like decorating right away. Running to Ikea and just getting everything there is to get in this colour. It just does something to me, that I cannot describe (yes, just like any other colour) haha!

I love how it works relaxing and makes you feel like you are in a modern yet classic home. It always reminds me of my grandparents as they had a lot of brown features – don’t you think so?


As for the bedroom – brown works just as relaxing as green and grey! It is an earthy colours with always has a relaxing effect. It goes well with both the other colours too and therefore just a perfect colour to mix and match! Cupboards are a nice touch here as well – especially as they are both very functional but design to look at as well!

Do you love brown as much as I do?

Source: Pinterest

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