Photography by Michelle Potters | Canon EOS 6D Mark 1 | Canon EOS 35 mm f1.4

In collaboration with Nelson

Coat by H&M – Shop Similar In Blue
Shirt by Velour – Shop Here
Pants by Velour – Shop Here
Sneakers by Nelson – New Balance

Another month, another sneaker and another colour! This time I will be discussing one of my favourite colours and sneakers, who also happen to just be available at Nelson! Looking at the photo material and video above you probably have guessed it by now; yes, New Balance.

Although green has always been one of my favourite colours, it a mega favourite in spring. Trees grow green and it is just a bright and happy colours. Additionally, perfectly to match with another favourite (and also spring) colour, camel! It just blends naturally together for a perfect spring look. Find all shopping details below.

Now, onwards with sneakers. Nelson has recently launched their brand new sneakers for the season and the variety is huge. Whether you want white, black, bright colours, pétit or big, high or low, they’ve got it! So why New Balance?

Just because I know them as being comfortable, reliable, multifunctional and of course, the colour. Style them with a nice chino and white shirt for a more smart look or combine them with a tracksuit or gym outfit for a sporty look! Again, just like the previous two months, if you go for a coloured sneaker, try to bring this back in either a top, bottom, coat or accessory!

In short, mix, match be bold, stand out BUT be happy!

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