If you are a huge fan of clean, white and Scandinavian interior, this might just be the interior post for you! Our cute apartment in the Amsterdam city center is our little Scandinavian Urban Jungle.
As I received so many questions about my interior over the last few months, especially whilst decorating, I decided to give you guys a little online tour!

To be frank, this is my first ‘actual’ home away from home, having lived in terribly small rooms across town. More luck was on my side when my hubby turned out to be great interior decorator – no seriously! I know what it is in my house, but boy that boy knows how to style. Let me show you guys around our little paradise!

books might make you look a hell of lot smarter, we simply use them for decoration. From time to time we collect huge fashion/photography books to add to our stacks! Although the content is quite revealing from time to time, we buy them mainly for their covers! Just a top tip if you want to decorate your apartment.

Cupboard – Ikea
Moebe Frames – Desenio
Marble Light – Normann Copenhagen

To make sure some items are a ‘one of a kind’ we created this dressoir by ourselves. One of them we bought at Ikea, another one, second handed online – cut off the legs of one of the cupboards and put it on top of the other to then paint it in grey. Then we got a wooden shelve, painted in black and attached it to the top of the cupboard. Just a simple twist to create a ‘one of a kind’ piece.

Table – Karwei (Similar)
Amp Table Lamps – Normann Copenhagen
Grey Hay Chairs – Hay
Wire Chair – HK Living

Personally, if I seriously had to choose, the dining table is the part I am most happy with – although we might not use it that often! Oh please, we all know everyone has its dinner on the sofa, watching TV, lol. The lights, montaged on different altitudes, the variety in chairs and the circled table, make this part of the house, a center piece. No need to go into details right? If you feel that I should, please hit me up!

Well guys, I really really enjoyed ‘showing you around’ in our apartment! I know, it took forever but sometimes you just want to wait for the moment that feels right! But than again, who am I kidding, a house is never ever really finished is it?

See you later guys,

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