Photography by Andre Haasnoot | Canon EOS 6D Mark 1 | Canon EOS 35 mm f1.4

In collaboration with Nelson

Shirt by Nolson – Shop Here
T-shirt by H&M – Shop Here
Pants by Drykorn – Shop Here
Sneakers by Nelson – Shop Here

The time has come to start talking & wearing canvas again! Honestly, I am so freaking excited for this weather to be & remain. Why? Basically meaning I get to were canvas sneakers, such as Converse, Vans & these Tommy Hilfiger. 

I mean, don’t we all with these temperatures? These Tommy’s breath air, no I am not joking, they actually do. Which is, when looking back at last year’s summer, a freakin blessing right? Plus, they are white with a touch of red and white; ideal to combine this with a subtle touch in your look. The canvas looking texture is quite brilliant too as they really add on to the ‘summer vibe’. 

I for instance, looooooove to combine sneakers with shirts in spring and summer & a white basic tee. This time a nice comfy linen, breathing blue shirt that matches perfectly with the blue Tommy touch. Add a ‘casually looking belt’ and you are good to go!

If you are as excited as I am, then please do yourself a favour and check out Nelson’s variety in canvas sneakers! 

Combine comfortable canvas & look fresh!

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